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Choosing The Right Gown For Every Girl

Written By Kally Nike on 7/24/14 | 12:02 AM

Pageant gowns are the crowning accessory for every girl who does pageants, and these gowns must be chosen to fit every girl perfectly. Everything from the most obscure gown to Tony Bowls pageant gowns can be found online when girls shop thoroughly before entering a pageant. Each gown must fit a girl correctly, and girls should consider every part of the gown before they buy.

The Skirt Length

Some girls prefer to wear a skirt that is very short or very long. There are girls who want to have a gown that trails behind the, but other girls are afraid they are going to trip on the skirt. Also, girls must make sure they purchase a skirt based on the kind of shoes they are going to wear. The shoes that the girls wear could make their skirt touch the floor or only reach their ankles. The skirt can be hemmed for length, but girls must pay special attention to the skirt before they buy.

The Bodice

The bodice on every new gown must fit the girl's body correctly. All girls have different bodies, and the bodices on dresses fit girls differently. Some girls have very small waists that must be fitted tight. Some girls have full rib cages that require more space in the bodice, and other girls need to have a bust that is much fuller. Choosing a proper bodice makes a dress look much better.

The Straps

Some girls prefer to wear strapless dresses because they have a bust that will support the dress. Other girls cannot wear these dresses because their bodies will not support the dress. If a gown looks perfect in the picture, a girl must consider if her body will support the gown. There are times when straps are needed to make a dress fit well, and some dresses look better when they are fitted with straps.

The best way to make sure a girl chooses the right gown is to pick the right skirt, bodice and straps. Every girl must get a dress that will actually fit her body, and she must choose correctly to get the fit right.

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