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Diego Percossi Papi

Written By Sweet Tooth on 3/20/10 | 12:21 PM

My eyes have been bathed in the sunshine that flows from Diego Percossi Papi's fantastic jewelry and my heart has forever sworn love to his brilliant man! I would not need to wear anything else but his jewelry to make and impression, I'm sorry fabric, you were never a match for the precious metal and stones.

Unfortunately I have been warned about posting too many pictures so i will leave you the links to further enjoy. What I can do is leave you with a little more about the man behind the glitter and glamor.

Diego Percossi Papi is a jeweler of great talent. Thirty years on, his creations can be found in art galleries throughout Europe, the USA and Japan. Reproductions can be seen in the most prestigious magazines of the world, alonside those of Cartier, Buccellati and other celebrated jewellers. His jewels are worn by international stars of the cinema and television.

From an architectural background, and descending from generations of artists, Diego Percossi Papi discovered a passion for creating jewellery at an early age. At the age of eighteen, he had already begun to understand the profound essence of this complex art form, quickly arriving at noteworthy successes.

He has developed his own distinctive style, producing a harmonious symbiosis between secular tradition in European artistic culture and the most actual and upcoming tendencies in the world of fashion. His works are readily recognisible because they bear the zealous temperament, unique to this artist. One can perceive, in them, passionate sensations such as the brilliantly bewitching perfumes and colours of the Mediterranean. It is also possible to capture a slight influence of the baroque architecture of Diego Percossi Papi's native city, Rome, in the luxurious wealth of forms and shapes, in the dynamic structure of the compositions and in the contrasts between light and shade of his jewels.

Many thanks to http://alwaysadorned.blogspot.com for the use of pictures and he text was taken from www.diaghilev-ps.ru

As promised, here are more of his masterpieces


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