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The Legal Requirements of Marriage in Australia

Written By Kally Nike on 10/21/14 | 2:43 AM

There are some processes to follow in Australia when you want to get married legally-acceptable union. Unluckily, quite a number of people do not have the slimmest knowledge of the existence of civil celebrants in Melbourne unless they get someone to enlighten them. Before any marriage can be performed, there are certain lodgments that are supposed to be done. A notice of Intended Marriage is supposed to be lodged a month preceding to the wedding.

This can be done through email or fax to a Melbourne marriage celebrant, but you have to carry the original certifications when meeting them.

Moreover, you must be above the legal age of 18 years, with no existing marriage affiliation. The person you are marrying should not be related to you. Usually, you can only get married a month after lodging the NOIM. However, your celebrant may grant you a waiver depending on the reason you provide him or her

You must avail a copy of your birth certificate or your passport if you are visiting. Proof of finalized divorce or death certificates of spouse for second and subsequent marriages should also be presented.

You must also bring along a minimum of 2 witnesses above the ages of 18 years. The notification of intended marriage remains active for 18 months in case you do not have all the documents ready.
Besides the documentation, both the couple and the celebrant are required, by law, to utter some specific legally-established phrases so that the marriage can be legally binding. Here are the relevant sections that must be spoken:

Names of the bride and groom - the names of the bride and groom ought to be part of the verbal exchange that takes place when the celebrant is officiating the marriage. It is either the celebrant who mentions the names or they will be part of the legal statement recited by the couple.

The legal statement - The people getting married must say the following words, "I call upon family and friends in this occasion to witness the marriage…." It is here that they state their full names.

The Monitum - The marriage celebrant must say to the congregation that he or she is authorized by law to officiate marriages. He or she must also put as a reminder to the couple of the nature of the relationship of their union.
Amanda Pattie is an experienced, professional and reputable celebrant in Melbourne who not only abides by the ethics and conduct of Melbourne celebrants but also assists you in the preparation of your ceremony. She will prepare, lodge and help you navigate all the legal processes involved. She has a passion for offering excellent services right from her welcome note to how she speaks on the dais.

A wedding day should be a whole lot of fun, and celebrating your love is supposed to be epic. Therefore, if you would wish to have the best of the marriage celebrants from Melbourne, visit http://amandapattiecelebrant.com.au/ for more information. Amanda will also be happy to answer any questions that you might be having. You can also download the NOIM form from the website.


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