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Treat Yourself to Lavish and Luxurious Pearls

Written By Kally Nike on 12/1/14 | 6:07 PM

Audrey Hepburn personified class and elegance in the hit film Breakfast at Tiffany's, which helped make her a household name. During one memorable scene, the actress walked down a Manhattan street in a little black dress with a simple strand of pearls around her neck. While you might not have an excuse to wear a pearl necklace every day, you can always find a reason to wear a pearl ring. These rings come in elaborate designs suitable for special occasions and simpler designs for everyday wear.

Types of Pearls

If you think that all pearls are the same, it's time that you learn more about some of the most popular types. Tahitian South Sea pearls have an almost exotic design. Unlike traditional pearls that come in shades of white, cream and pastel pink Tahitian South Sea pearls come in darker and bolder colors, including green and brown. Japanese Akoya pearls are more like traditional pearls and have an amazing shine on the surface. White South Sea pearls are similar, but these pearls are much larger and more eye-catching. Another option is a Golden South Sea pearl, which has a soft gold finish.

Styles of Rings

One thing you need to think about when buying a pearl ring is whether you prefer traditional gold or white gold. Think about your own sense of style and the jewelry that you wear every day. If you usually wear white gold and buy a gold tone ring, you might find yourself wearing it less frequently because it doesn't match with your other jewelry. You also want to look at the setting styles. Diamonds and other gemstones added to a ring can make the ring look larger and more expensive, but you might find that you prefer a simpler ring with a pearl on a plain band.

Ways to Wear Pearl Rings

With the pearl rings available from http://www.thepearlsource.com/pearl-rings.php and other similar sites, you can wear those designs in various ways. Try wearing a large cocktail ring with pearls and gemstones with your little black dress and a sleek pair of black heels. If you're more of a jeans and tee shirt kind of woman, you can show off your feminine side with a pearl in a dark and unusual color. When you shop online, you can find matching earrings, necklaces and other types of jewelry to pair with your pearl ring.

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