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How to Buy Wedding Rings

Written By Kally Nike on 2/5/15 | 12:30 AM

There’s a big difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring. When purchasing an engagement ring, most people like to surprise the other person with the ring, sometimes making it a little more difficult to buy. A wedding ring, however, is often something that the couple buys together. Having your future spouse’s opinion on the ring can make it easier—but how do you know where to start? Here’s a quick guide for how to buy wedding rings.

1. Consider the style. Today, you can find just about any style of wedding ring. This means that every couple can find rings that match their unique personalities and relationship. This also means that there are a lot more choices to sift through when making a purchase. Narrowing down wedding ring styles can be a good way to eliminate some of those choices. It’s important, however, not to completely eliminate all styles that don’t exactly match what you think you want. You might not realize how perfect a certain design is until you’ve seen it. I suggest checking JR Jewelers online shop. At JR Jewelers you can find an extensive selection of ArtCarved jewelry, stylish Scott Kay Engagement Rings and unique Danhov wedding bands.

2.  Consider how much you can spend. There are a lot of guides that will tell you exactly what percentage of your income you should spend on wedding rings. The truth is that when buying wedding rings, it’s important to make and stick to a budget, especially because you are likely also paying for a wedding and will also have to invest in a home to start your life together. Luckily, there are beautiful rings in every price range.

3.  Know your four Cs. Unless you’re buying wedding rings that do not have any stones, you’ll want to know the four Cs of precious stones. These are clarity, carat, color, and cut. Clarity refers to the “perfection” of the stone. Does it have any flaws? Is it clear? Carat refers to the size and weight of the stone. Diamonds come in many different colors, with colorless being the most expensive. Cut is the shape that the stone has been cut into.

4. Be practical. If neither of you are interested in having large, flashy rings, don’t buy large, flashy rings just because that’s what’s most popular with other couples. If your future wife is hard on her jewelry, it might not be best to buy something large that she’ll keep catching on her clothes, on the countertops, etc. 

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